The Expected Result After Completing A Forex Course

Often times we hear many people complain about their trading result after completing a supposedly great trading course provided by great forex trading mentor. Some people say their trading performance got worse while some other people say their lose money because they already pay big money for the course and yet their trading performance don’t improve at all. Moreover, the most striking reality is this thing happened not only to students that pay big money to great forex mentors but also to students that pay small money to other forex gurus. So what exactly is going on? If this phenomenon happens only to a number of mentors/gurus then we can quickly identify them and avoid learning under their guidance, right? So…should we avoid taking forex trading course at all then?In order to answer the confusion we must take a look at the elements involved in determining the cause of the losses and therefore, the claim. The first element is the mentor. In the forex field there are many profitable traders. Some of them possess superior quality over the others. However, not all of them can teach. Moreover, not all of those who can teach are willing to teach others. By the information provided we can safely conclude that there are those who can teach and have average quality and there are those who can teach and also have superior quality. The best thing to do is, as you can guess, to go learn forex trading under those who can teach and also have superior quality. The decision makes sense, right? Now we have completed the first element of the equation.The second element is the student. People have different preferences and need different approach to study things and this is why not every student in the class got an “A” in their math subject or in art or in athletics. This is why it is important to find the right mentor for you. But before you can do that you must know yourself first. What is your risk profile, which type of analysis you like the best, and then most importantly you have to find the best mentor that can teach you the method that is suitable for you. However, even after that, you will still not see the same result among the students. Not all of the student interested in painting will come up with the same exact painting. The teaching (learning material) is the same but the students are different and this is why it is ridiculous to think that after you learn under a great mentor you will achieve the same level of success with the tutor himself. You will probably exceed his trading performance or probably achieve similar success or not as high. The good news is there are tricks that can help you mirror the success rate of the mentor. Here are the things that you can do:1. Ask questions. If something is not clear enough you should ask for clarification. 2. Do exactly what you are taught. If you deviate you might have better result but there is also a chance that you will end up worse. 3. Be consistent. Don’t quit the method half-way because it will only lead you to lose good trading opportunities. 4. Always remember that the market is always changing. This is crucial. There is no perfect trading method and so you will see that sometimes a trading method can’t deliver good result in a particular market condition.

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