Polystyrene Sheets

Building Insulation using Polystyrene Sheets Home builders and others in the construction industry know the importance of incorporating insulation into the walls, ceilings and floors of any structure they build. It is easiest to do this as the building is being constructed rather than having to go back and rework in order to add insulation. Polystyrene sheets are one of the materials that can be used as insulation and is ideal for walls. What is a Polystyrene Sheet? Polystyrene sheets are made from polystyrene foam and are thin layers that have been compressed together to create a material that resembles the size and shape of preformed plaster walls or plywood. This makes it easy to use as wall insulation behind plaster board walls. In addition, polystyrene sheets are durable and have great structural strength which lends them to being useful in many applications. Polystyrene sheets offers durability and insulation that is useful in weather proofing and in controlling temperatures by adding core insulation. The material is top quality and resists mold and mildew which can often be a problem with building materials that are exposed to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Expanded Polystyrene (Bead Board) Expanded polystyrene is also known as bead board and is a commonly used form of polystyrene sheets in the construction industry. These boards are typically sold in panel form and are simple to install. Builders have been using these rigid boards for insulating concrete forms. The thermal properties and low flame spread rating make them ideal for use without a fire barrier wall. This polystyrene sheet is becoming the main product chose when builders are looking for insulation material for walls and concrete forms. The Characteristics of Polystyrene There are many characteristics of polystyrene that make it the insulation of choice for many builders. Some of these include: ” Lightweight and easy to handle: This makes installation simple enough for most any builder or laborer. ” Strong and Flexible: Strength is important in an insulation application that is being used in walls or any other building component. Flexibility allows the material to be conformed to any shape or size that is needed. ” Low Water Absorption: Polystyrene sheets retain at least 80% of the thermal value even when completely saturated. This is an important trait that ensures the life span of the insulation regardless of where it is installed. ” Inedible: Polystyrene sheets have no food value that rodents or insects will find attractive. In addition, even when exposed to moisture, the sheets are resistant to growth of algae and other fungi. This extends the life of the insulation. ” Cut to Fit: Polystyrene sheets are simple to cut to fit practically any application. They can be purchased in various sheet sizes and then trimmed to meet the size of the wall or other area. Polystyrene sheets are an important part of the building process and allow for added insulation behind walls, above ceilings and in concrete forms. When preparing for a building job, contractors should consider the many uses of these polystyrene sheets and include them as part of the initial building process.

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