How to Order Personal Checks Online Without Risk

In the past, banks make big money monopolizing the check business by ordering from cheap suppliers and sell it to clients at high price. Now online purchases enable us to order cheap checks online with compatible high-grade checks.It is very common to buy checks online that are 30% lower than bank rates, some online retailers even offer deeper discount and save almost half of what banks charge you. Furthermore, banks tend to give you bland choice of basic checks. If you want nicer design, be prepared to pay more. Everything changes with the help of online purchase, you can have better color design and style without paying a premium.The guide below will help you prepare for a safe online purchase.Firstly, at the online retailer website, navigate to the correct categories and choose the correct type of design and quantities you want to purchase. This is your chance to escape from those dreary pain blue checks with nothing but the bank’s logo to decorate them. Always check that you’re at the secure ordering page by looking at the URL that includes a “s” in the URL (https://).Secondly, be accurate on filling your name, address, account number and email address. Check slowly if you must to ensure whatever you fill is up to date and accurate.Lastly, always remember to choose your preferred shipping method. Depending on how fast you want the checks to be sent, the most expensive shipping option is the express delivery which is the next day delivery. After the final preview of your order, click submit and you’re done.Just a gentle reminder – always check the starting number of the checks. Depending on your suppliers, you may have the default number already fill out when you order so make sure you check this number and change it accordingly to stay in sequence with the ones you have been using. There are some merchants require the checks that start with the number 300 and above so I would suggest if you have a brand new account that you start your check numbering at some number greater than 300.There are some people avoid getting checks online. They worried the safety of their credit cards being stolen and some think that the merchants will print a few extras and write the checks against their account. In fact online purchase is safe as long as you choose the reputable online retailers with years of track records and remember to clear the cache after ordering online.

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