Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan for Students Studying Abroad

Today, students from all corners of world go abroad to participate in academic programs. All international students during their study time abroad need to have comprehensive healthcare insurance cover to efficiently handle unexpected emergent medical contingencies. You should find a study abroad health insurance scheme that meets all the requirements set by your course/education providers and make your course time healthy, happy and stress-free time. Mandatory insurance coverage As a student, you may be a US resident going abroad for further studies or an international student coming to US to continue studies. During study time, the schools & universities – the program-providers – have made it mandatory that you and your family have comprehensive study abroad health insurance plans which fulfil certain basic requirements to have adequate medical coverage for emergency and routine care so you can remain healthy and finish your studies successfully. Compare plans So how to choose the best study abroad health insurance plan from among so many that are available? Which plan offers genuinely quality benefits and valid access to excellent healthcare? See what medical expenses are covered. Read carefully to see what are excluded; so you will know whether you need any prior permission before any test/diagnostic procedure. Check who are the medical service providers and where are they located? See whether any PPO network is assigned in the plan? Important features Do not judge the merits of study abroad health insurance plans by just comparing your monthly premiums. For low premium plans, you may have to pay exorbitantly out of your pocket in an emergency/accident. Compare plans for features like • Benefits • Co-insurance • Deductibles • Medical evacuation & repatriation options • Flexibility Some plans will look costlier with extra premium but if they offer 100% with low co-insurance, it can be a good option. Check limits for coverage, benefits and extent of exclusions. Evacuation to your homeland and repatriation can be extremely expensive and needs coverage. Too rigid plans are not preferable. Enjoy international study experience With exemplary academic hard work and great financial effort, a student wins a chance to go abroad for studying. It may be for short or long. During this time, you may have your family with you. A well-chosen study abroad health insurance plan can offer benefits like routine care, hospitalization when necessary, emergent and intensive care, surgery, prescription drugs, evacuation and repatriation etc and make it an exceptionally healthy, happy and stress-free time.

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