All about Foreign Student Insurance & Its Benefits

What is foreign student insurance? When a student goes abroad for pursuing academic courses, he becomes a foreign student where he studies. With the rising medical care cost, study course providers – schools, colleges or universities – require that all students have a level of insurance cover – especially in case of emergency. This mandatory insurance is called foreign student insurance. The need for foreign student insurance In countries like US, if you are a foreigner, it is very difficult to get medical care. Medical care and hospital stay can be very expensive. Hospitals do not accept uninsured patients. But again getting insurance is not all that easy. You must have resided for a certain period of time to get registered with an insurance scheme. All these challenges are mitigated if you have foreign student insurance. Who are eligible for foreign student insurance? Any person enrolled in study course or academic programs under the aegis of a school, college or a university in a country other than his homeland needs foreign student insurance for the duration of program. Those persons who work for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for their coursework are also eligible. Dependents of foreign students also get coverage presently. Benefits from foreign student insurance What are the benefits from foreign student insurance plans for the students and their dependents? It gives quality healthcare when they need it, help them in their medical care cost management and allow them to focus on studies not besieged by huge unpaid medical bills. Emergency medical care, intensive & routine care, hospitalization expenses, doctors’ fees, prescription of drugs, lab tests, mental health check-up, coverage during any sports activities, evacuation, repatriation are covered. Best plan features Some of the most popular and in-demand foreign student insurance plans • Satisfy study sponsors’ requirement of proof of adequate health and travel insurance for students • Provide expense-paid round trip with hotel stay, meals etc from homeland for one family member in case of hospital stay exceeding three days • Adequate guidance and assistance in case of travel related problems like medical assistance during travel, loss of documents, passport, valuables, luggage and claims etc • Compensation for trip interruption • 24 hour assistance • Direct payment to doctors and hospital mostly or claim payment within 2-3 weeks • Maximum benefit in case of felonious attack • Quality healthcare for spouses including during pregnancy • Dental care • Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage • Concessions for dependent children Enjoy benefits of best choice With firms like International Student Protection Insurance schemes catering specially for foreign students’ health and travel insurance needs, any foreign student can enjoy a hassle-free study time enjoying the benefits of well-chosen foreign student insurance.

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